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head shotLydia Yarlott is in her final year at Oxford Medical School.

She is the winner of the 2015 BJGP Student Writing Competition themed ‘The GP in the Digital Age’ with her original article A Digital Ache.

Her tale of one GP versus the system will be horribly familiar to anyone who has done battle with the new digital bureaucracy of the NHS. It’s a rather wonderful reminder of the fundamental importance of maintaining relationships between doctors to benefit patients. The PDF version is embedded below – it needs the formatting to get the full benefit. Enjoy.

Download (DOCX, 19KB)

One thought on “BJGP Student Writing Competition – the winner

  1. Dorothy Reile

    Please may I reproduce the article “A Digital Ache” in our PPG Newsletter for patients to read? I congratulate Lydia Yarlott in writing this item which is so true to life these days; for patients as well as clinicians.
    Many thanks
    D Reile


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